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Renewable Energy Project Development at JUWI

Project Development for renewable energy

From finding the perfect site to preparing for construction. We lay the groundwork for successful wind and solar projects.
Planning for a wind farm
About Project Development

The foundation of every successful project

Before a power plant can be built, there's a crucial phase that lays the groundwork. This includes securing land, meticulous planning, obtaining necessary permits, and managing the financial aspects.


Creating large-scale, grid-connected renewable energy projects is a multifaceted endeavor, demanding various skills and collaboration among stakeholders. With over 25 years of global project development experience, the JUWI Group possesses a profound understanding of what it takes to ensure a project thrives.

Our track record in South Africa

Since launching in South Africa in 2011, we have consistently focused on building out our portfolio of renewable energy sites and projects.

3000 MW
In early development
280 MW
In late stage development
311 MW
In construction and operation
What we do

Developing the Garob wind farm

See how we how we partner with land owners and local communities to unlock the benefits of renewable energy.

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The best investment that we made as a family was to approve the build of the wind farm. It's very important for us as landowners that everyone benefits from this project.

Pieter Fourie
Landowner and farmer
Our Process

Six phases of project development

From selecting the site to breaking ground in construction, the project development process typically spans around four years for a wind project and approximately three years for a solar project.

1. Site identification and screening studies

When selecting a good site for a renewable energy plant, several crucial factors come into play. These considerations collectively ensure that the location not only facilitates efficient energy production but also minimizes environmental impact. The key aspects include:

  • Modelled Energy Potential: We project the site's potential energy capacity based on historical weather measures.
  • Topography Analysis: We carefully examine the sites terrain to determine if there are any factors such as hills or unstable ground that may impact the plant's development and functionality.
  • Environmental Impact: We scrutenize the potential effects the plant and it's construction may have on the surrounding environment, including local ecosystems, wildlife habitats, and overall biodiversity.
  • Grid Infrastructure Proximity: We determine the feasibility of integrating into the existing grid infrustructure.


2. Landowner agreements

Once a site has been screened and we have an understanding of the energy potential we initiate discussions with the respective landowners to secure land rights for the project. Every phase of the project is assessed and financials are projected to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

3. Resource measurement campaign

During this phase of the project we determin exactly how much energy the site can generate. The measurement campaign must run through all four seasons.

  • For Wind: Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems and/or meteorological masts are deployed to assess the energy resource.
  • For Solar: Pyranometers, soiling stations, and albedo instruments are used to gauge the energy resource, dust accumulation, and ground reflectivity.
4. Technical development and permitting

We assemble detailed technical blueprints that encompass the plant layout and grid integration. Concurrently, we secure the necessary environmental construction permits from the relevant authorities.

5. Investor selection and tender submission

We pride ourselves on robust ties with premier operational equity partners in our markets. Leveraging this selective pool, we identify the best-fit partners for each unique project opportunity.

6. Pre-construction development

After being chosen as the preferred energy generator by an offtake client, our projects undergo a final phase of permit acquisition and approvals from the pertinent authorities, paving the way for construction commencement.

Are you a landowner?

Leasing your land – good for you, good for the environment

There are numerous reasons why an increasing number of landowners are installing renewable energy plants on their property. This choice not only benefits the environment and local communities, but also provides the landowner with a stable rental income for the entire lifespan of the plant, which often spans several decades. If you're interested in leasing your land, get in touch below.

JUWI Project Development Team
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