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Solar plan at Evander Mine designed and constructed by JUWI South Africa.

Renewable energy for mining

Reliable power needs reliable people. We specialize in delivering world-class solar and hybrid plants for mines across Africa.
Benefits of renewable energy

Why mines are moving to renewable energy

In the ever-evolving landscape of Africa's mining sector, the shift towards renewable energy solutions is not just a trend, but a strategic necessity.

Decrease costs

Renewables have recently become the most affordable form of power.

Increase price security

Renewables help guard against flucuating costs of fossil fuels.

Increase reliability

Mitigate the effects of load shedding and energy curtailment.

Meet ESG targets

Significantly reduce scope 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Our services

How we can help you

At JUWI we don't only have the technology and expertise to develop, build and operate large-scale energy projects, we also have the people with the energy, passion and precision to realize the best in every project.

Project Development for wind, solar and hybrid
EPC Services for solar and hybrid
Operations & Maintenance for solar and hybrid
Solar plant at Pan African Resources Mine designed and constructed by JUWI
Case Study: Grid connected

PAN African Resources

In 2021, PAN African Resources became the first mining company in South Africa to establish a large-scale PV solar plant. Developed and constructed by JUWI, this grid-connected solar plant provides 10 MW of clean energy to the Elikhulu Tailings Retreatment Plant at the Evander mine. Not only does JUWI oversee the operations and maintenance, but we are also committed to training PAN African Resources employees for eventual project management. PAN African Resources has ambitious sustainability goals and the JUWI construction team is already hard at work on a second 8.75 MW solar plant for their Barberton Mine.

  • Supplies 30% of the treatment plant's annual power requirements.

  • Annual cost saving of $1.7 million.

  • Reduces Scope 1 GHG emissions by 26,000 t/y CO2 equivalent.

  • Created 100 jobs during construction.

Hybrid power plant constructed by JUWI at Sukari Gold Mine
Case Study: Off-grid

Sukari Gold Mine

The Sukari Gold Mine near the Red Sea in Egypt exemplifies the integration of solar PV and energy storage to combat climate change while offering cost savings and managing intermittency. Located in a remote desert area, the mine historically relied on diesel and heavy fuel oil for power. JUWI designed, engineered, and constructed a 36 MW solar power plant, integrated with a 7.5 MW Battery Energy Storage System. JUWI continues to manage the plant as the Operations and Maintenance service provider.

  • Reduction in diesel consumption by 22 million liters per year.

  • Annual cost savings of $20 million.

  • Reduction in Scope 1 GHG emissions by 60,000 t/y CO2 equivalent.

  • Significant reduction in exposure to fuel price volatility.

Working with JUWI

Why leading companies choose us

JUWI is known for doing the right things, in the right way. Our projects are built and projected based on proper risks and our 25 years of global experience. When you partner with JUWI, you get what we projected.

Client focused project optimisation

Every mine and project is unique, and our team collaborates with clients to optimize the entire system value chain. We start by defining factors for optimization, such as LCOE, CAPEX, carbon abatement, or maximum reliability. Using proprietary JUWI software, we run thousands of project design iterations to arrive at an optimal solution. Being technology-agnostic, we can present a range of options, costs, and yields.

Factors we consider:

  • Energy prediction
  • Construction costs
  • Project finance
  • Site selection and layout
  • Mine site operations
  • Grid integration
  • Technology selection and sizing
  • Scheduling
Quality obsession

At JUWI, we're always pushing ourselves to enhance the quality of our work, our performance, and the services we offer. This is key to our growth in this competitive industry. We're proud to be ISO 9001 accredited, a testament to our commitment to quality. We have dedicated quality officers around the world who tirelessly work to maintain and improve our systems.

In every area of our business, from business development to plant maintenance, our quality processes guide us. We do this to consistently deliver the high standards we're known for. Our regional and local quality experts receive support from global technical experts. These specialists have deep knowledge about all the critical elements of renewable energy projects, like solar panels, wind turbines, and inverters.

We've established a thorough process for vetting, auditing, and inspecting our suppliers. This ensures that everyone we work with meets our high standards. Our subcontractor quality is closely managed by our local subcontracts team, ensuring every part of the process aligns with our commitment to excellence.

Propriety Hybrid IQ Controller

Many projects, specifically those for remotely located mines, require battery storage integration systems. 
JUWI's hybrid IQ is a powerful microgrid controller with the option to add bespoke minesite and application-specific functionalities. 

Our Hybrid IQ offers all of the key control functions that will be required to be in a Microgrid control system, including:

  • Genset / solar / wind / battery dispatch control
  • Solar / wind smoothing
  • Solar / wind curtailment
  • Reactive power sharing
  • Frequency / voltage support
  • Genset under / overload protection
  • Voltage / frequency fault ride through
  • Metering and power quality monitoring
  • Feeder / transformer / switchgear monitoring and control
  • Load shedding and load acceptance management
  • Industry standard ethernet based control and monitoring protocols
  • Alarm management and event monitoring
  • High resolution and full featured SCADA, historian, analytics and reporting
  • Provides detailed reporting and analysis
  • Increases reliability and preformance
Local subcontractor relationships

With over a decade of South African construction experience, JUWI has established robust relationships, particularly in the mining sector. Our subcontractors are carefully selected with a focus on health, safety, quality, risk management, and community engagement.

Global bargaining power

As a leading global solar and wind contractor, JUWI has strong relationships with tier-1 OEMs. We manage our supplier relationships through a rigorous quality program and framework agreements. Our global networks allow us to predict, manage, and mitigate supply chain risks effectively.

Dedicated community engagement

We recognize the impact of large-scale projects on local communities. JUWI ensures transparency and collaboration through regular community engagements, guided by community leaders and other stakeholders.

Community engagement structures:

  • Public Participation Sessions
  • Stakeholder Engagement Forums
  • Steering Committees
  • Consultative Forums

Our commitment is to maintain transparency and foster collaboration to address any concerns and ensure a positive impact on the community. We believe that together we will create long-tem value by putting people first, embracing diversity and drawing on the deep cultural values of our country.

Local and global experts

Our people are our most important asset. Our local team over 100 people is supported by nearly 1000 global specialists and driven by our core values.

At JUWI we are:

  • Focused
  • Forward-looking
  • Minful
  • Empowering
Health, Safety & Environment

We go above and beyond to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors, customers, visitors and the wider community.

JUWI have implemented policies and procedures to protect and manage any risks that have a potential to cause harm to any individual’s health or wellbeing. These include:

  • Mental health and wellbeing workshops
  • Ongoing health monitoring
  • Fatigue management

We continuously look to improve our systems through objectives and targets, risk mitigation and hazard identification processes. This includes:

  • Fostering a positive reporting culture
  • Consultation and communication
  • Project specific management plans

All of the projects we design and develop are based on the principle of sustainability and are intended to counteract the deterioration of the global climate. This involves:

  • Cultural heritage management
  • Hazardous chemicals and waste management
  • Erosion and sediment management
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