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Hybrid power plant designed and constructed by JUWI

Renewable energy with battery storage systems

Self-sufficient, clean, reliable power for businesses and industries.

The need for hybrid power solutions

Most renewable energy solutions are intrinsically intermittent, following diurnal and weather conditions. In an operations like mines, even a brief disruption to the power supply can have enormous detrimental impacts. This makes energy security a paramount concern for operations, either in terms of health and safety or where there may be irreversible processes set in motion if energy is lost.


Battery energy storage systems (BESS) can offer increasing levels of support to address intermittency and risk by storing excess solar energy during sunny periods and discharging it when needed. Unlike thermal systems like diesel or heavy fuel oil that have thermal inertia and take time to start up, BESS offers instantaneous reaction to changes and can also provide frequency and voltage control. 

Our Global Track Record

The JUWI Group delivered it's first large scale hybrid power plant in 2016 and at the time, it was the largest plant every built. In the seven years since, we've continued to innovate and improve on hybrid solutions.

20 Projects
170 MW
Wind and solar
55 MW
Battery Power
Hybrid power plant constructed by JUWI at Sukari Gold Mine
Case Studies

Sukari Gold Mine

Sukari Gold Mine near the Red Sea in Egypt demonstrates how solar PV and energy storage can address climate change and offer cost savings, while managing intermittency. The mine is in a very remote location in the desert and has historically depended on diesel and heavy fuel oil for power, burning the fuel plants 24 hours a day.  JUWI designed, engineered and constructed a 36 MW solar power plant which integrates with a 7.5 MW Battery Energy Storage System. To date JUWI continues to manage the plant as the Operations and Maintenance service provider.

  • A reduction in diesel consumption of 22 million litres per year.

  • Annual cost savings of $20 million.

  • A reduction in Scope 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of 60,000 t/y CO2 equivalent.

  • A significant reduction in exposure to fuel price volatility.

JUWI Hybrid IQ controller

Intelligent control for off-grid energy systems.

JUWI partnered with Siemens to create the Hybrid IQ controller. It's an intelligent system that integrates and manages supplement renewable energy and battery storage supply. 

Key features
  • Efficient dispatch optimization and battery charging/discharging

  • Proven reliability with over 85,000 successful deployments

  • Integration of conventional, renewable, and battery energy sources

  • Fully scalable to accommodate generation expansion

  • Specially designed for extreme environments

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