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Economic Development

We believe in a just energy transition that prioritizes local economic development and job creation.

To power a country, empower its people

The advancement and upkeep of renewable energy initiatives hold substantial promise for job creation in South Africa. The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) mandates that all projects foster economic development. At JUWI, our commitment transcends the basic requirements as we strive to build a brighter future for everyone with a deep dedication to enhancing the local community and environment.

Our track record

Local upliftment

70% Construction workforce comes from local communities.


80% of site staff from previously disadvantaged backgrounds

Job creation

4000+ work opportunities have been created for South Africans.

Business empowerment

30% of O&M contracting opportunities reserved for Small Enterprises.

Skills Transfer Program

We strive to provide unmatched upskilling opportunities to all staff involved in the construction of our plants. Through our skills transfer program, implemented both before and during the building of a renewable energy plant, every individual is awarded a Skills Transfer Certificate upon the completion of their fixed-term contract. This certificate highlights their key learning areas, significantly enhancing their prospects for securing future employment in the construction sector.

Our approach to economic development

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Our approach to economic development, for both public and private sectors, is guided by the B-BBEE Act of 2003, the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, and the pronouncements from the Department of Energy for the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme. We are committed to staying updated with changes in laws and common practices. This helps us to strategize effectively, ensuring we play a significant role in including those who were previously left out of important community opportunities.


To make sure our bids for Economic Development (ED) are competitive, we carefully examine the bidding requirements of Requests For Proposals (RFPs) issued by potential clients. Our goal is to meet or even exceed the set standards, ensuring we provide the maximum local economic benefit possible.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We track our progress in Economic Development (ED) by reporting our achievements monthly and quarterly. This helps us see how our projects are doing compared to what we've committed to. If we're falling short, we spot it early in these reports, and make the required ammendments.

To back up what we report about our ED achievements, we audit all supporting documents monthly, quarterly, and annually. This process makes sure that what we're reporting is accurate and trustworthy.

Stakeholder Engagement

Whenever possible, we involve important stakeholders in the final stages of preparing our Economic Development (ED) bid responses. This is to check that our plans are practical, achievable, and beneficial for everyone involved. At JUWI, we use specific strategies for engaging with the community and have a clear process for handling any concerns or grievances. This helps us manage social risks and build better relationships with all our stakeholders.

At JUWI, we are deeply committed to uplifting our fellow South Africans. Every project we undertake is more than just business; it's a way to help move our country forward.

Bongani Ntsele
Economic Development & BBBEE Manager
JUWI Economic Development Team
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