EPC for Business

We design your plant (Engineering), purchase components (Procurement) and build your plant (Construction). We are fully backed by all the major banks in South Africa and in Europe.

Our engineers customize the plants according to your specific needs. Having realised 1,700 solar projects worldwide, we provide you with top-tier components, help you with all questions concerning financing and monitor the operation of your solar power plant.

We are particularly expert in larger commercial and industrial plants in the range of 1 MW capacity. Industrial clients as well as investment corporations and energy suppliers profit from our expertise. Moreover, with our Off-Grid and Grid-Saver solutions, we are able to supply energy-constrained businesses with reliable and affordable energy.

juwi's continuous high quality EPC performance has been approved by external experts: the quality management system of both juwi O&M (Germany) and O&M (South Africa) has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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