Why Solar Energy?

Every day the sun provides the earth with more than ten thousand times the energy required by the earth’s population, at no cost. It makes no sense, environmentally or financially, not to maximize it: we know it’s clean, and in South Africa solar electricity has become cheaper than local grid power in many instances.

Even when competing against some of Eskom’s cheapest rates, we’re seeing that a well-engineered system with smart financial structuring can deliver immediate cash flow savings to clients, with substantial electricity cost reductions over the operating life of the plant. Factor in security of supply and the positive sustainability message, and there is a strong business case for solar photovoltaics (PV).

The three major reasons that solar PV is becoming cheaper than conventional (coal) energy are: the reduction in PV system costs, private sector efficiency and increasing costs associated with coal fired generation.

Solar energy has many benefits, the main ones being the real cost advantage against traditional energy supply, protection against unpredictable energy price hikes, security of energy supply (in light of an increasingly unstable grid) and sustainability in a time when consumer purchases are influenced by corporate responsibility towards the environment.

juwi has more than fifteen years of experience in planning, financing, construction and management of thousands of solar PV projects. Our system design, procurement and project management teams develop and implement the best integrated solution for each specific project and client’s requirements.

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