Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

We provide project investors and lenders peace of mind by embedding the O&M requirements of an operating PV plant from the first preliminary design stage, which our EPC division goes on to construct using its strict quality procedures.

In this way we build solar plants with the most efficient long-term production output with cost effective operation in mind.  For the long term, we monitor and optimise the ongoing technical performance of the solar plants aiming at the lowest operating cost for the owner.  With our services, we ensure that your system generates highly reliable and least cost renewable energy.

Our experienced team schedules, controls and performs inspection, maintenance and repair work according to efficient and professional protocols.   The increased transparency of your data reduces reaction times during failures, raises technical availability and, in total, stabilizes the renewable energy production.

The centralised 365 days/year monitoring of all South African plants is done from our EMEA Control Room.  juwi's continuous high quality in Operations and Maintenance has been approved by external experts: the quality management system of both juwi O&M (Germany) and O&M (South Africa) has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. 

juwi has vast experience in off-grid and micro-grid applications for remote locations.  These range from 300 kWp village projects in Namibia to 10 MW mining projects in Australia.



Our services

Technical management
  • Monitoring of operation in compliance with regulatory and insurance-related obligations (legal, insurance, HSE)
  • Data analysis to verify the plant performance (e.g. technical and production availability, power curve)
  • Coordination of trouble shooting
  • Reporting of key figures (e.g. availability, performance ratio, yield data, energy production) and status of the PV plant
  • Optimization of plant performance
  • Creation of individual technical reports
  • Technical consultancy regarding retrofits and amended statutory requirements
  • Keeping plant history records
  • Technical safety supervision
  • Plan and execute technical improvements
Remote monitoring
  • Constant remote monitoring of plants
  • Continuous monitoring of the communication connection and the system’s operating conditions
  • Ongoing capturing and storing of essential operating system data
  • Online provision of yield data
  • Supervision and coordination of all activities at the plants, including recording and storing of log files
  • Continuous technical support and initiation of first level measures in case of malfunctions
  • Point of contact for owner’s maintenance contractors, utilities, grid operators and power off taker
  • Plant access control
  • On-site inspections to record plant condition, performed according to strict protocols on daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycles as appropriate
  • Inspections and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and standards of technology
  • Maintenance and repair contract (preventive maintenance and repair work, including spare parts)
  • Inverter maintenance
  • Maintenance of components of high-voltage systems and transformers
  • Repair of equipment and major components defects
  • Troubleshooting service
  • Testing of safety-related equipment in accordance with local regulations
  • Conducting recurrent or condition-based tests
  • Thermographic inspections, using drones
  • PV module specialised testing
  • Monitoring of plant commissioning and acceptance tests
Landscaping / Cleaning
  • Removal of vegetation and maintenance of access roads
  • Module cleaning on a pre-arranged basis

Contact Us

If you interested to find out more about our O&M services, please contact our O&M Team on +27 (0)21 831 6100.