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04.06.2019 / Press releases

Reatile Group invests in solar EPC company juwi


15.04.2019 / Press releases

juwi builds 1,000th wind turbine plant

Construction on juwi's 1,000th wind turbine plant has commenced. The plant in Mohlis (Thuringia), Germany, was awarded to juwi by the country’s Federal Network Agency, in a tender process conducted last year.

06.03.2019 / Press releases

Orion Minerals and juwi to Investigate Renewable Energy Supply for the Prieska Zinc Copper Project

Companies finalized collaboration agreement / Scope is to assess feasibility of establishing a solar and wind hybrid power plant / Results will inform power supply strategy for the Prieska Project and are in line with local government Integrated Development Plans.

26.11.2018 / Press releases

Energy and Mines Conference Toronto Dec 2018 


19.11.2018 / Press releases

Integrating hybrid RE into mines in Africa


05.11.2018 / Press releases

PV-BESS hybrids make economic sense as they approach grid parity


24.10.2018 / Press releases

Technology and digitisation driving O&M efficiencies in renewables


25.09.2018 / Press releases

Conferencing at WindEnergy – Hamburg


08.08.2018 / Press releases

juwi to construct and operate 250 MW solar PV in REIPPPP Round 4


18.06.2018 / Press releases

African mining sector delves into hybrid renewable energy solutions


08.06.2018 / South Africa, Press releases

REIPPP announcements open up an energy vision for Africa


29.05.2018 / Press releases, South Africa

Integrating hybrid into a mine

Mines operate 24/7 and the integration of power supply between various power sources and a mine is a significant factor in the implementation of hybrid renewable energy solutions.

25.05.2018 / Press releases

juwi appoints global head of hybrid energy

In response to global uptake of hybrid solutions for the mining sector, juwi Renewable Energies has appointed David Manning as Global Head of Hybrid Energy.

20.02.2018 / Hybrid, APAC, Commercial & Industrial, Press releases, Press

Sub-Saharan Africa set to reap the benefits of hybrid power

Cape Town, 30 January 2018: Hybrid power solutions, which combine renewable energy with fossil fuel and battery storage, are estimated to grow from a few installations to several thousand Megawatts in sub-Saharan Africa, between now and 2025.

28.09.2017 / Press releases, South Africa, Press

Sub-Saharan Africa opens up for hybrid energy supply

Limited and unreliable energy transmission and distribution grids across many countries in sub-Saharan Africa has created a dependency by large industrial and mining houses on diesel and heavy fuel oil (HFO) to provide a reliable energy supply.

15.08.2017 / Press releases, South Africa, Press

Hybrid energy solutions a global focus for sub-Sarahan Africa – quality energy at the best cost

Having recently returned from the Africa Energy Forum 2017 in Copenhagen, I was amazed at how much momentum there is internationally in the support of renewable energy.

11.05.2017 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

Economic Development as a competitive advantage

The current delay in awarding the next rounds of the REIPP is affecting ordinary people in local communities.

11.05.2017 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

Impasse in renewable energy procurement – a political power play

The current impasse related to renewable energy procurement under the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (REIPP) programme, blocked by Eskom since August 2016, is political theatre

03.03.2017 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

RE brings big saving to the bottom line in the mining industry in Sub-Saharan Africa

With the African Mining Indaba taking place in Cape Town this week, juwi Renewable Energies MD Greg Austin gave some thought to the compelling solutions that photovoltaic (PV) solar power offers the mining industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

29.11.2016 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

86MW Prieska solar PV plant earns Grid Access Unit’s praise

The 86MW Mulilo-Sonnedix-Prieska PV project, a 125 hectare solar PV project valued at R1.4 billion was completed on schedule, on budget and reached full grid code compliance in good time for Commercial Operation

29.11.2016 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska PV project inauguration celebrates its impact in the Northern Cape

The 86MW Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska PV project, one of the largest in Southern Africa measuring 125 hectares, was officially inaugurated in the Northern Cape.

20.10.2016 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

Solar farms move to the cities

Urban property developers have realised the potential of city rooftops for solar farming, with factories and shopping malls being transformed through the installation of acres of solar panels on previously underutilised roof space

30.09.2016 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

Electricity wheeling: A solution for the mining sector in South Africa?

Greg Austin, MD of juwi Renewable Energies believes that the timing is right for electricity wheeling to be properly considered as a real solution to the energy requirements of mines in South Africa.

17.06.2016 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

DE GRUSSA Application for African Mines

South Africa’s juwi Renewable Energies has been tracking the performance of the Australian installation very carefully and believes there is enormous potential to apply the hybrid solution in Africa

14.04.2016 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

The real state of power in the SADC region and the case for renewable energy

Agility, flexibility and new thinking, are required to solve the power-stressed Southern African region's energy crisis. Greg Austin of juwi Renewable Energies analyses the situation and provides a case for renewables.

04.04.2016 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

86MW Prieska Solar PV project 50% complete in just 9 months

The Mulilo-Sonnedix-Prieska PV project, a 125 hectare solar PV project valued at R1.3 billion and situated 50km south-west of Prieska in the Northern Cape, is already halfway to completion

16.01.2016 / Press releases, Press, South Africa

86 MegaWatts: juwi South Africa to Build Biggest Single Solar Project in the Company’s History

“We are proud to realise this milestone project and delighted to be playing a key role in adding substantial amounts of clean energy to the South African electricity grid,” says Greg Austin, juwi

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