Engagement Process

juwi’s projects are optimized for quality assurance and best lifetime costs and savings for clients. We are a leader in transformation and through our shareholder and partner, the Reatile Group, we offer part-or fully black owned and score-card optimized solutions.

We prioritise Economic Development and Socio-Economic Developmet initiatives and aim to ensure diffusion of advantages to local communities.

Our client engagement process is as follows:

  • Meet, demostrate track record, sign NDA and share relevant information.
  • Preliminary energy analysis to understand usage, tariff structure and security needs. 
  • Evaluation of best location for power plant (onsite, adjacent or wheeled through the grid).
  • Preliminary design and costing – typically with options.
  • Discuss and agree on funding model (self or funded) and commercial hurdles for project.
  • If directly funded – sign Development Agreement. juwi to receive exclusivity by committing to an agreed hurdle and to move to bankable designs and final investment decision.
  • If financed though a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – engage Reatile and other sponsors and sign Development Agreement.
  • Sponsors have exclusivity by committing to an agreed hurdle and will move to bankable designs and financial close.
  • Final designs, financial model and permitting.
  • Engineer Procure & Construct (EPC) Contract or Power Purchase Agreement negotiated and executed.
  • Generation License from NERSA awarded and Wheeling Agreement executed (If necessary). 
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) setup to ring-fence asset. 
  • Construction Starts.
  • Handover and Operations.


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