Engagement Process

juwi’s projects are optimized for the best lifetime costs or savings for clients. We design using Tier 1 technology and state-of-the art principles taking into account project life.

Our funding approach is flexible – we welcome direct capital investment but are happy to provide bespoke funding solutions including non-recourse project funding through PPAs where appropriate.

juwi is a leader in transformation and through our shareholder and partner, the Reatile Group, we can offer part-or fully black owned and score-card optimized solutions.

juwi is also highly experienced with ED and SED initiatives and always delighted to ensure diffusion of advantages to local communities.

juwi experts work together to realise projects by first understanding the customer needs, then developing an optimised design and finally integrating  the plant design.

Engagement Process Steps:

  • Meet, share track record, sign NDA and share information.
  • Preliminary analysis and engagement to understand energy usage, tariff structure and security needs
  • (At juwi cost and risk).
  • Evaluation of best location – onsite, adjacent or wheeled using juwi’s existing projects
  • (at juwi cost and risk).
  • Preliminary design and costing – typically with options. Discuss and agree on assumptions
  • (at juwi cost and risk).
  • Discuss and agree on funding model (self or funded) and commercial hurdles for project.
  • If Directly Funded – continue to engage jRE only and sign Development Agreement. juwi has exclusivity by
  • committing to an agreed hurdle and will move to bankable designs and final investment decision at own cost.
  • If Power Purchase Agreement – engage Reatile and other sponsors and sign Development Agreement.
  • Sponsors have exclusivity by committing to an agreed hurdle and will move to bankable designs and
  • financial close at own cost.
  • Final designs, financial model and permitting.
  • EPC Contract or Power Purchase Agreement negotiated and executed.
  • Generation License from NERSA awarded and Wheeling Agreement executed
  • with Eskom (if appropriate).
  • SPV in place to ring-fence asset. Financial close and Notice to Proceed.
  • Construction Starts (see Indicative Timelines later).
  • Handover and Operations.


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