Economic Development

At juwi, we believe that a just energy transition requires a commitment to local economic development and job creation.

The development and maintenance of renewable energy projects has significant potential for job creation in South Africa. We are taking advantage of this opportunity for economic development and are achieving a local community employment rate of over 70% during the construction phase of a project. Furthermore, more than 80% of our employees on the project sites are previously disadvantaged individuals. 


Whilst we are unable to provide permanent employment for all the staff involved in the construction of our plants, we provide them with unparalleled opportunities to upskill themselves.  As a result of the skills transfer program implemented before and during the construction of a renewable energy plant, each person is given a Skills Transfer Certificate on completion of their fixed term contract.  This specifies their key learning areas and should stand them in good stead to secure future employment opportunities. 


We are proud that we have created work opportunities for more than 4,013 South African citizens as well as creating opportunities for local businesses to deliver services ranging from construction to waste management, at the plants constructed and maintained by juwi Renewable Energies.  During the Operations and Maintenance phase of our projects, 30% of the contracting opportunities are reserved for Qualifying Small Enterprises.